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Established in 2007

We offer a range of unique and innovative liquid chemical restorers and improvers, engine treatments and oil additives originally formulated in the USA to protect and enhance the life and performance of vital components under the bonnet of your motor.

Ametech products are specifically formulated to be easily applied and to provide cost-effective solutions to the ordinary motorist for tricky problems.

All Ametech automotive products have restorative properties - formulated to recover efficiency and function which have become lost or impaired as a result of friction, wear, degradation, natural deterioration and build up of contaminants over time.

  • Great service & excellent product

    Hi, just a quick note to say thanks for great service and an excellent product. My dads audi 80 2.0 has done 150,000 miles and engine was a bit tired. I put 2x250ml cans of restore in during an oil and filter change. The difference was amazing within only 20 miles of driving, the engine is inaudible, it starts better, it's stopped smoking, it's better on fuel, the difference in power is incredible.

    Audi 80 2.0 / Verified Purchase

  • Great service from you guys

    Great service from you guys and great product. This will be my third year of keeping my xjs running sweet. The engine additive (Engine Restorer) makes such a difference. My engine has some scratches in No. 5 bore, there must have been some foreign body in there in its life, so it can smoke and have a poor emissions report. With the restore it's absolutely fine. The hydraulic improver (MT-10 Metal treatment) is really great in the power steering.

    Jaguar XJS / Verified Purchase

  • Thanks for a terrific service

    Hi, just to say thanks for a terrific service very much appreciated! As an ex motor mechanic I was initially a bit sceptical but what an amazing product!! It has made a huge difference to my Discovery (300tdi with 158,000mls on the clock) It runs better, smoother, pulls far better in every gear and mileage has gone up by 3-5 miles per gallon, all in all a major improvement. I will as Arnie says 'be back'. 

    Discovery 300 TDI / Verified Purchase

  • Very pleased with the results

    Just to let you know I’m very very pleased with the results of your product!! Saved me a lot of money! I am a member of the Fto Owners club, and tappet noise is a major problem with certain models of these cars. Your product has sorted my car & also made it run a lot better, I have written a post on the forum recommending your product to them all! The club shop may also be interested in your product! So hopefully you will be getting more business coming your way!!

    Mitsubishi FTO / Verified Purchase

RESTORE - Engine Restorer & Lubricant

RESTORE Engine Restorer & Lubricant, known in the UK as Ametech Engine Restore Oil, is the original Engine Restorer in a can. Developed and released onto the market in the USA in 1983 and still the best engine treatment we have ever tried. 

Its ability to cure blue exhaust smoke, quieten noisy engines, reduce oil burning and restore engine performance and power, whilst promoting better fuel economy and prolonging engine life, means the returns you make on the investment of a can of RESTORE Engine Restorer can be enormous - saving the cost of a new engine in some cases.

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