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400ml Ametech RESTORE Engine Restorer & Lubricant

400ml Ametech RESTORE Engine Restorer & Lubricant

400ml Ametech RESTORE Oil Engine Restorer & Lubricant for Petrol, Diesel and LPG engines. Use one 400ml can for each 1.6 litres of engine capacity or 10% RESTORE by volume to engine oil. This size can is suitable for 1.5 to 2 litres of engine size.

OUR PRICE £24.99

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Ametech® Engine RESTORE Oil is a life-saver for worn, tired and smoky engines and will balance out compression across the cylinders even in newer engines. RESTORE reduces engine noise and has even been known to cure fledgling bottom-end knock. All used engines, but particularly those that have clocked up more than 40,000 miles, will benefit from the use of RESTORE - after treatment you will notice less smoke, less oil-burn, fewer start-up problems and the engine will run smoother and quieter. You could save a fortune in engine repairs and replacement parts and keep your car running longer and more reliably.

Used in accordance with instructions Ametech® Engine RESTORE Oil has the ability to:

  • Cure Blue Smoke and exhaust emissions
  • Restore Compression
  • Reduce Oil Consumption
  • Restore Horsepower and Torque
  • Improve MPG
  • Improve cold starting ability
  • Prolong Engine Life
  • Contribute towards reducing Global Warming by reducing CO emissions and extending the useable life of old engines
  • Repair fishing boat engines and tractor engines without any downtime.

An EP (extreme pressure) lubricant in its own right, Ametech® Engine RESTORE Oil just needs a standard motor oil to act as a carrier for it in your engine - not friction reducing oils containing plant esters (such as Castrol Magnatec or racing formulas such as Silkolene 'R'), as are formulated to polarise metals and will just repel RESTORE's CSL™ particles, preventing them from reaching the worn metalwork in the engine. RESTORE can also be used in MANUAL gearboxes, where it is helpful in reducing whine by reversing wear in the bronze bearings and reducing 'back-lash' by re-aligning the gears. Do not use RESTORE in automatic gearboxes; we have another product called Metal-Tec10 Metal Treatment™ which reduces friction and heat in automatic gearboxes, smoothing out the metal and reducing whine.

Ametech Engine RESTORE Oil is suitable for use in all four stroke petrol and diesel engines, with the exception of HEUI engines (hydraulically actuated electronic unit injection diesel engines), VVT-Li engines (VVT Lift-intelligent) and other VVT engines that utilise the motor oil pumped at high pressure as a hydraulic actuator to modify other engine functions. These engines do not tolerate particles in the oil. RESTORE is safe to use in standard dual-fuelled and lpg engines, most standard (mechanical) VVT engines, and engines with turbo-chargers and catalytic converters. RESTORE should not be used in wet clutch environments or in a Petroil mix. (Please read our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS for more information on use of RESTORE in different types of engines and situations).

One 400ml can of RESTORE will treat up to a two litre (2000cc) engine or 4 litres of oil in the sump. The rules of thumb for working out the correct dosage for a first-time treatment in your engine are: 200-250ml Ametech Engine RESTORE Oil per litre of engine size (cc); 10% RESTORE by volume to engine oil. Order multiples of this size of can for each 2000cc of engine size you wish to treat, for example, you will need 2 of the 400ml cans for a 4 litre engine. Please remember though that we do sell a one litre can for those larger engines (up to 5 litres). For repeat treatments use half the initial dosage or 5% RESTORE by volume to engine oil. For best results, add to a clean engine with fresh oil and filter. Just shake it up and pour it in! Comprehensive instructions are provided with every purchase.

This size of can has a ring-pull opening (similar to a Coca-Cola can) so cannot be re-sealed once opened. It is important to shake the can well before using to agitate the CSL™ particles. If you are not using a full 400ml can in one application we suggest you transfer the remaining oil to a container with a sealed top (preferably not plastic), label it clearly as to its contents, and keep it well out of the reach of children for future use.



Our Price: £24.99


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Reviewer: Dougie Kirk from Glasgow   5 Stars

HI all its been too long ; But ive just ordered another can of restore for my mercedes 190e and i know its the best investment i can make this is THE only product on the market that actualy works ; and i cannot praise it to highly . If you dont currently use this product then you cant be that into your car for all who are looking to maximize their cars overall performance ; then get it now its the best . kind regards Dougie KIrk .

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