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Ametech Metal-Tec 10™ Anti-Friction Oil Additive 100ml

Ametech Metal-Tec 10™ Anti-Friction Oil Additive 100ml


Advanced Technology, Anti-Friction Lubricant Additive


Ametech Metal-Tec 10™ is an advanced technology, anti-friction lubricant additive, consisting of a blend of the highest quality petrochemical products. It is a PH neutral maximum duty, metal conditioning formula especially recommended for use in lubrication systems where there is a special concern for extra protection due to extreme pressure, friction-related heat and high-wear conditions. Metal-Tec 10™ contains no chlorinated solvents, PTFE, silicone, graphite, moly or solid lubricants. Metal-Tec 10™’s formula allows it to blend well with all types of petroleum and most synthetic lubricants (but not vegetable oils or esters), enhancing the performance of both.

Ametech Metal-Tec 10™ can be used in conjunction with AMETECH ENGINE RESTORE OIL providing it is added after the RESTORE oil has been in the engine for 1000 miles. Metal-Tec 10™ has been formulated to increase the efficiency and performance of your automobile, truck or commercial vehicle. But in order to obtain the full benefit of the product, it requires dedicated interest on your part to follow product directions and take proper care of your vehicle. Oil changes, oil filters, gas filters, good grades of fuel, proper lube jobs, tune ups and qualified auto technicians performing maintenance and repairs all pay dividends toward the annual expense and the life of your vehicle.

Ametech Metal-Tec 10™ Metal Treatment is recommended for these automotive applications:

  • Engines. Nothing protects better at start-up!
  • Transmissions (Automatic & Standard)
  • Power Steering/Rack Assembly Units
  • Differentials
  • Recommended for gasoline & diesel engines



  • Smooths, seals & protects metal surfaces of bearings, pistons, cam, crankshaft, lifters & all other internal, moving metal parts
  • Protects engine against friction-related heat & wear
  • Free governors and eliminates governor hang-ups
  • Reduces operating temperatures
  • Increases horsepower
  • Extends the life of lubricated engine parts
  • Reduces oil consumption
  • Recommended for petrol & diesel engines.


One of the biggest enemies of a transmission is heat. The amount of heat present in the system will normally dictate the lifetime of that transmission. When Ametech Metal-Tec 10™ is added, heat is significantly reduced. Metal-Tec 10™ addresses the extreme-pressure (EP) areas, such as planetary and worm gear systems, along with bushings, bearings and shafts.

VALVE BODY OPERATION: In many cases presented by professional transmission builders, Metal-Tec 10™ has freed the valve body and maximized performance with no recurrence of sticking or intermittent hang-ups.

GOVERNORS: As most transmission builders are aware, there are certain governor systems that have unique tendencies to hang up for no apparent reason. Two reasons these hang-ups occur are contaminants and microscopic spiking of the metal due to electrolytic corrosion of the metal. Ametech Metal-Tec 10™ will displace contaminants and smooth and seal metal surfaces, removing electrolytic spikes and preventing their formation.


  • Reduces heat
  • Frees valve bodies for maximum performance
  • Free governors and eliminates governor hang-ups
  • Keeps oil passageways, orifices and ball checks clean and fully operational
  • Extends the service life of the transmission
  • Eliminate premature failure and costly call-backs
  • Reduces wear & metal particle fallout & debris
  • Removes varnish buildup
  • Eliminates lock-up chatter in the torque converter
  • Insures proper shift
  • Does not affect seals & gaskets
  • No negative affect on sprag or clutch friction*
  • Recommended for automatic & standard transmissions
  • Contains no PTFE, graphite, silicone or moly.

* Although Metal Tec 10™ reduces friction, it has no negative affect on the sprag or clutch friction necessary for the operation of the transmission. As confirmed by Raymark in a letter of October 1986 in testing their SAE clutch pack: "The results of our test indicate no change in the friction levels, thus we do not expect the addition of your additive to have a negative effect on our friction products."



  • Protects against friction-related heat & wear
  • Smooths, seals & protects metal surfaces
  • Reconditions rack piston & cylinders
  • Helps return smooth & easy operation to the unit*

*If you are experiencing difficulty with the unit, we recommend the unit be thoroughly flushed prior to the addition of Metal-Tec 10™.



  • Treats the metal surfaces of the gears
  • Protects against friction-related heat & wear
  • Optimizes performance for more power
  • Extends the life of lubricated differential parts.

NOTE: Limited slip additive is still required with the use of Metal-Tec 10™.



  • Gears
  • Bearings
  • Engines
  • Heavy equipment
  • Gear couplings
  • Pumps
  • Transmissions
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Electric motors
  • Gear reducers
  • Heavy machinery
  • Lubrication systems requiring extra protection from extreme pressure, friction-related heat & high-wear conditions.


Carried to the moving metal parts by the fluid to which it is added, Ametech Metal-Tec 10™ creates a boundary film which smoothes and seals metal surfaces to reduce friction and friction-related heat. This results in less wear and smoother operation of the mechanism with no danger of build up or changes in tolerances. The end result is improved operation of the system.

Ametech Metal-Tec 10™ improves the overall tribological properties of the metal surfaces. Film strength is a function of surface roughness and viscosity. The smoother the surface, the higher the film strength, while viscosity can be lower to improve fluid flow conditions.

Ametech Metal-Tec 10™ treated surfaces will increase fluid film strength, reducing friction, heat, wear and energy consumption. This returns efficiency and previously wasted energy back to the system for increased power. This process, combined with the physical surface improvement of the metals, steps up oil flow, reduces metal film strength, improves the shear strength of the base lubricant, and results in an overall reduction in friction and friction-related wear.


Ametech Metal-Tec 10™ is extremely concentrated and effective even in small quantities. Add 5% Metal-Tec 10™ by volume to transmission oil, i.e. 50ml to every 1 litre of oil.

Metal-Tec 10™ can also be applied directly to parts while rebuilding and can be sprayed in a fine mist directly onto the parts you want it to reach or sprayed onto greases to facilitate blending.

For Hydraulics - Add 25ml Metal-Tec 10™ to every 1 litre of oil.

One Litre bottle of Ametech Metal-Tec 10™ will treat approximately 20 litres of oil. This handy bottle with applicator nozzle contains 100ml of Ametech Metal-Tec 10™ which is sufficient to add to 2 litres of oil.

IMPORTANT: Metal-Tec10™ should not be used in CVT gearboxes. CVT (Constant Variable Transmission) oil or fluid improves the friction/grip between rubber/metallic belts and alloy/composite pulleys, whereas Metal-Tec10™ reduces friction between metal-on-metal components, spool valves & spindles lubricated by ATF (automatic transmission fluid) in automatic transmissions. As these requirements are opposed, neither ATF nor Metal-Tec10™ should be used in CVT rubber/metal belt transmissions.

For more information on Ametech Metal-Tec10 please see our Frequently Asked Questions page


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Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Paul Gascoyne from Sheffield   5 Stars

This stuff really works. I own a Jeep Grand Cherokee Orvis, I had a power steering line come loose and the fluid drained out. I have an illness that makes it difficult for me to walk so I drove the car home. I repaired the leak and refilled the system with the best power steering oil I could get for the car, bled the system and took it out for a run. The steering was notchy and rough, it also was very slow on returning to centre. I ordered one of these additives and when it arrived I drained out some of the oil and added the whole bottle. I must admit I added 25ml more than I should have - I put the whole bottle in. Well after only a couple of hundred miles the steering is transformed. It has lost the notchy feel, goes where I put it and is just - well nice to drive, better than it was before the oil drained out to be honest. I have also noted that it keeps getting a little better as the miles add up. By the time I get to the 1k marker I will probably need surgery to remove my smile. It has saved me two days hard work and God knows what in money. If your system will not respond to this stuff then it's beyond help.

My thanks to the team. I will be back for other additives.


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