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Featured QuestionThis is your chance to ask us a question about any of the Ametech range of automotive treatments. Perhaps you have a problem engine or gearbox or have failed the MOT on emissions test and need advice on which treatment to use.

Most general questions about RESTORE Engine Restorer & Lubricant are answered on our Frequently Asked Questions page, but if you have a specific question about the use of any product in your vehicle or need to know how to treat a specific problem, you can ask us here. We will endeavour to reply to all questions promptly, but please allow 48 hours for a response.

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Questions and Answers

Q. Once Restore is added to the engine and is run for 1000 miles and the next oil change is due, is it ok to carry out an engine oil flushing process?. Will oil flushing remove the built up Restore product and destroy the previous laid down repair? I was planning to carry out minor flushing before each future oil change once the initial treatment process has taken place. The oil changes and flushing will be at every 5000km, with the oil and filter replaced and a 250ml can of restore added on each oil change after the initial treatment. Can your MT-10 metal treatment be added each oil change with the Restore product after the initial treatment has taken place? Will the MT-10 product stop the Restore product bonding if added every oil change?
Thanks, Craig

A. Dear Craig, Once the RESTORE CSL particles are imbedded into the metal surfaces in the engine they stay there until worn away again. The heat and friction between the reciprocating and rotating metal surfaces bonds the CSL particles, so flushing after say 3000km will not loosen the particles or lessen the benefits of the initial treatment.

MT-10 Metal Treatment is effectively a one-time treatment. It is not an oil additive and makes no changes to the formulation, viscosity or lubricity of the oil itself. It's effect is on the metal surfaces only and it is simply carried to those surfaces by the oil in the engine. In this respect it is like RESTORE, which also is not an oil additive but an engine additive.

We ask our customers to wait at least 1000 miles (preferably 2-3000 miles) after using RESTORE Engine Restorer before adding MT-10, to allow the RESTORE particles adequate time to get worked round the engine and bedded in. After you've used the MT-10 you can if you wish keep adding RESTORE at every oil change, 5% RESTORE by volume to the engine oil. The purpose of the repeat treatment of RESTORE is to replenish particles that have become worn away since the last treatment and to fill and repair any new scratches as they appear. However, MT-10 Metal Treatment is so efficient at reducing friction and heat, that the RESTORE Engine Restorer treatment should last much longer and it shouldn't be necessary to repeat the RESTORE treatment more than once a year or every 12,000 miles.

Q: I have used ametech restore before and have noticed a difference in the running of the land rover v8. I am hoping that the knocking in my ford ranger will go. I have read the various posts on honest johns website and whilst the proof of the pudding....... I do not understand how it can work.

Like I said I am happy to give it a go but how?..... Thanks, David.

A: The secret of Ametech RESTORE's success is that the Engine Restore treatment relies on the friction between the two surfaces to squash the little CSL beads into the scratches, scoring, scuff-marks etc., allowing them to build up in the scratches over the course of the next 1000 miles to make the surface metal good again. By filling these scratches, RESTORE Engine Restorer improves and restores the seal between the cylinder/piston assembly, bushings and bearings and so on, leading to a return of lost power and compression to the engine, tightening up the various assemblies and reducing vibration and noise and alleviating other symptoms associated with wear in the metal components such as oil burn, blue smoke and blow by. Once the CSL metal beads have filled the scratches in the engine metal, they remain there until worn away, so providing they have been given sufficient time to bed in, the benefits of the treatment will not be lost at the next oil change and should remain for up to 10,000 miles, sometimes much longer.

The only reasons RESTORE Engine Restorer might not work is if the cause of the problem is something broken, bent or otherwise deformed in the engine (in other words, more than just scratching of the metal surfaces), glazed bores (where the metal surface has become polished to a mirror finish, losing the honing marks and the ability to hold lubrication), something unrelated to metal wear (like blocked breather hoses, defective pressure relief valves or faulty oil pump), where the engine has been insufficiently prepared (sludge, varnishes and gums removed by cleaning/flushing the engine to reveal clean metal surfaces for the CSL to adhere to), or where the metal surfaces have become so worn that the permitted tolerances between them is exceeded, in which case the friction between the two surfaces will not be sufficient enough to grind the CSL particles into any scratches. Using friction-reducing oils like ester-based racing oils, slows down the RESTORE treatment too, for the same reason.

Q: Hi, before I order just for info, can I use restore with the Fuchs Titan Race Pro S 15 50w oil?
Thanks, Regards, Dejan

A: Dear Dejan,
Fuchs Racing oils are esters and should not be used with Restore Engine Restorer. If you want to use Restore, change to a standard formula oil at the next oil change, add Restore into the new oil and run the engine with Restore in it for a couple of thousand miles for it to do its work. You can then change the oil and go back to using Fuchs, because Restore will have filled scratches and made good the friction-producing surfaces and will remain in those surfaces till worn away (under normal driving conditions, 12000 miles or so later).

If you have recently carried out an oil change and the oil is still clean, you can drain out the Fuchs oil and keep it for re-use when you change the oil after doing the Restore treatment.

Q: Is Restore a one-off treatment or does it have to be added to the engine at each additional oil change? Tony

A: Dear Tony,
We can't say that Engine Restorer & Lubricant is a one-off treatment, because as long as the engine continues to run, friction will  continue to cut scratches into those reciprocating and rotating metal-on-metal surfaces. However the benefits from use of Engine Restorer are long-lasting, because the CSL particles fill the scratches in the engine metal and will remain in the scratches until worn away, unlike oil treatments which are lost as soon as the oil is changed.

Under normal driving conditions the benefits should last 10-12,000 miles and potentially longer if the engine has been well prepared by removing  varnishes, gums, sludge etc. before the addition of Restore to clean engine oil. In a classic car which is only used for shows, rallies etc. the benefits can last for years, but in a piece of farm machinery working intensively under load, the benefits might just last a season before the engine needs replenishing with another dose.

Q:Thanks for your reply. My car is a 06 BMW330d Auto. Can you please confirm that Ametech Restorer and Ametech motor cleaner/flush is suitable to use in my car.

A:Yes, our products are all suitable for your car, i.e. BMW diesel engine.

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