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High MOT emissions? MOT Buster kit for a 4 Litre Petrol, Diesel or Hybrid Engine

High MOT emissions? MOT Buster kit for a 4 Litre Petrol, Diesel or Hybrid Engine

MOT emissions high? MOT Emissions Buster kit for a 4 Litre Petrol, Diesel or Hybrid Engine. Get your engine ready for the MOT with our MOT Emissions Buster kit. This kit contains all you need to cure emissions problems: one Litre can of Engine Restorer and Lubricant, one 250ml bottle of Motor Cleaner/Flush, one 250ml bottle of Oil Anti-Leak and one 250ml bottle of Catalytic Converter & DPF Cleaner.


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Ametech MOT Emissions Buster Kit for a 4-5 Litre Fuel Injection Engine consists of the following:

250ml bottle of Ametech RESTORE Motor Cleaner/Engine Flush - Add the full bottle bottle of Motor Cleaner to your old engine oil before carrying out an oil change to rid your engine of any nasty deposits of sludge, gums and varnish and to clean the metal surfaces ready for the RESTORE Engine Restorer & Lubricant which you will be adding into the clean oil.

1 Litre Ametech RESTORE Engine Restorer & Lubricant - Engine Restorer fills worn areas in the metal surfaces of the friction-producing components of your engine. Wherever your engine oil can reach, the RESTORE CSL particles will reach and as they pass between the friction-producing metal surfaces (e.g. piston rings and cylinder walls) the particles become squashed into scratches, scoring and scuffing caused by miles and years of engine use; the particles, which are spherical in shape, a matrix compound of copper, silver and lead, are flattened into the worn metal, forming a semi-permanent repair to the surface. Restoring the metal surface restores compression, power and performance to the engine, whilst alleviating symptoms of engine wear such as oil-burn and blue smoke, engine noise and increased fuel consumption.

One Litre of RESTORE Engine Restorer is enough to treat 4 - 5 litres of engine size. This might be one vehicle with a large engine or a combination of vehicles/engines. The 'rule of thumb' is 250ml RESTORE per litre of engine size (cc). Add to clean engine oil, with a new filter. RESTORE is compatible with any standard mineral, semi-synthetic or synthetic motor oil, providing there are no friction-reducers (like chlorine, Teflon, PTFE or Moly) in the oil e.g. Slick 50, Prolong, Activ8, Motorup, STP and Wynn’s friction-reducers. We do not recommend adding RESTORE to motor oils containing plant esters such as Castrol Magnatec, or racing formula oils like Silkolene R, which contain positively charged particles which stick to metals. This kind of oil or additive will slow RESTORE down and work against it being successful in the short term, especially if you have limited time to pass an MOT test.

Blue smoke is one of the contributing factors to high emissions detected during an MOT Emissions test. Running RESTORE Engine Restorer & lubricant in your engine for at least 1000 miles or 20 cumulative hours before your car's MOT date is the best chance you have of passing the emissions test. But to be sure, we have included two other products in this kit, which cope with smoke emissions caused by factors other than wear in the engine metal.

IMPORTANT: RESTORE Engine Restorer & Lubricant is recommended for use in both direct injection and common rail diesel engines but is NOT TO BE USED IN HEUI ENGINES.

250ml Ametech RESTORE Oil Anti-Leak - Add Oil Anti-leak to a warm engine oil (while the engine is NOT running) at any time after adding the RESTORE Engine Restorer & Lubricant. It takes between 200 and 500 miles to take effect and what this the Oil Anti-Leak treatment will do is fatten up and rejuvenate the neoprene rubber seals inside the engine. The seals become shrunken and hardened with age and then fail to provide a good seal against leakage of oil. One of the causes of blue smoke on start up, which clears once the engine is warmed up, is oil dripping past shrunken valve stem seals to the top of the piston whilst the car has been allowed to stand for any length of time, e.g. overnight. When the engine is next started, the oil which has dripped through and gathered on top of the piston, burns off, producing blue smoke. Once the engine has warmed sufficiently and the leaked oil has burned away, no blue smoke is seen. Use Oil Anti-leak to eliminate this problem as a cause of unacceptably raised emissions.

250ml Ametech RESTORE  Lastly, add one whole bottle of Catalytic Converter & DPF Cleaner to a full tank of fuel (40 to 60 litres). This fuel additive for petrol or diesel engines will clean and unclog catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters plus the entire fuel supply system, including injectors or carburetor, upper cylinder walls and rings, valves, piston heads, fuel pump. Catalytic Converter & DPF Cleaner dissolves carbon deposits, gums, varnishes and resins, eliminating fuel blockages and improving fuel delivery and combustion. This reduces over-fuelling, increases fuel economy and decreases CO and CO2 emissions.

What else can I do to improve emissions?

Check and, if necessary, replace air filters and MAF (Mass airflow) sensors (cleaning may be all that's necessary).

If you suspect damaged turbo seals, you may need to get these replaced - consult your mechanic (although RESTORE Engine Restorer can help improve most fledgling turbo seal problems).

Reset the ECU (engine control unit) by disconnecting and reconnecting the battery - this will sometimes solve black smoke emissions on start up.

If you have had a past problem with heavy oil burn which has resulted in your exhaust system becoming oil contaminated, you may be burning off spent oil for some time to come. This will contribute to your exhaust emissions being higher than normal. If this applies to you, you may need to remove the exhaust and clean out or burn off the spent oil before refitting.

EGR (exhaust gas recycling) valves need cleaning or replacing periodically. A stuck EGR valve can contribute to high emissions. If your engine has an EGR valve, check this out.



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Reviewer: Geoff Sims from Basingstoke   5 Stars

Ametech 100%

Every thing I have used can not praise it enough in fact much better results than I had ever expected

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