Power Steering Additives

What is MT-10?

MT-10 is an advanced technology, anti-friction lubricant additive, consisting of a blend of the highest quality petrochemical products.  It is a maximum duty, metal conditioning formula especially recommended for use in lubrication systems where there is a special concern for extra protection due to extreme pressure, friction-related heat and high-wear conditions.

MT-10 contains no PTFE, silicone, graphite, moly or solid lubricants.  MT-10’s formula allows it to blend well with all types of petroleum and most synthetic lubricants (not vegetable oils or plant esters), enhancing the performance of both. 



  • Protects against friction-related heat & wear
  • Smooths, seals & protects metal surfaces
  • Reconditions rack piston & cylinders
  • Helps return smooth & easy operation to the unit*

*If you are experiencing difficulty with the unit, we recommend the unit be thoroughly flushed prior to the addition of MT-10.

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 products

Ametech Metal-Tec10 for Power Steering is a maximum duty anti-friction additive that smooths and seals metal surfaces to return silky smooth operation to power steering assemblies. Handy 100ml bottle with nozzle applicator treats 2 litres of oil, sufficient for most power steering applications.