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Stop Leak Anti-Leak Oil Additive - OIL ANTI-LEAK 250ml - swells and rejuvenates neoprene rubber seals and O rings to slow down, stop and prevent oil leaks in engines, manual gear boxes and power steering. Oil Anti-Leak is very useful as a cure for blue smoke on cold start caused by hardened and shrunken engine valve stem seals.

Oil Anti-Leak -

  • Stops and prevents oil seal leaks without any dismantling or downtime
  • Special blend of chemicals and lubricants restores the elasticity of neoprene rubbers seals and 'O' Rings
  • Conditions new seals to keep them soft, pliable and lubricated
  • Has no effect on the viscosity or characteristics of the oil to which it is added
  • Will not plug or clog filters or block oil ways
  • Safe to use with catalytic converters
  • Compatible with all mineral, semi-synthetic and synthetic single and multigrade engine oils
  • For all Petrol, Diesel and LPG engines, with or without turbo
  • Can be used in Manual Gearboxes, Standard Differentials and Power Steering systems that use standard mineral oils e.g. HYPOID OILS SAE 40, 50, 60, 75, 80, 90 etc. NOT FOR USE IN AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS or other wet clutch environments
  • Specifically useful in reducing blue smoke on cold start-­up or blue smoke on the overrun (i.e. downhill in 4th gear, no accelerator) due to shrunken engine valve stem seals.
  • 250ml bottle treats 3 to 6 litres of motor oil. Use 5% by oil substitution in gear boxes, diffs and power steering (100ml is a good rule of thumb treatment for the typical car manual gearbox).
  • Easy to use - just warm the engine, pour the contents of the bottle into the engine oil and expect gradual reduction in oil seal leaks over the next 500-1000 miles.


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Oil Anti-leak fattens, rejuvenates and conditions rubber seals to prevent and stop oil leaks in engines, manual gearboxes and standard differentials. One 250ml bottle treats 3 to 6 litres of motor oil.