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Test Results for Ametech Engine Restore Oil

1. European Racing:

RESTORE CSL Engine Restorer and Lubricant has been sold under that name since 1983 in the USA and now Worldwide.  In the UK, it is known as Ametech Engine Restore Oil, but much earlier than 1983, it was available in Switzerland under the brand name Lubrifilm.

Ametech Engine Restore Oil (RESTORE CSL) can be used in new engines to prevent wear, reduce friction and balance compression.  Here is an example from the 1979 Le Mans - the Swiss Lubrifilm Racing Team won in Class 4 running on oil containing RESTORE CSL (then sold in Switzerland under the Lubrifilm brand name).  Here is the link to the race results :

Le Mans Register 1979
47 times Grand Prix d'Endurance les 24 Heures du Mans 1979 Circuit de la Sarthe

This was the year that Paul Newman co-drove to second overall and first under IMSA, with Dick Barbour Racing, the USA team running a very fast Porsche 935.
Porsche Kremer Racing Germany came first and third under Group 5 with Porsche 935's.

The Swiss Distributor for RESTORE CSL was Lubrifilm SA and they were running Porsche 934's that year as LUBRIFILM RACING TEAM, CH.

Out of 55 starters the Swiss Lubrifilm team with Pallavicini as lead driver came in 4th overall and became the Group 4 class winners at Le Mans, and then with the SAME engines went on to win first place at Daytona and first place in a total of 8 out of 10 other 6 hour endurance races around the world. Tire failure let them down in the two races they lost. By clinching 8 out of 10 races, the Swiss Lubrifilm Racing Team (using RESTORE CSL OIL) went on to win the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP FOR 1979 - without changing engines!

The first lap times were the same as the last lap times showing no wear in the engines after each tortuous mechanical ordeal.

Lubrifilm Racing Team, CH
Porsche 934
Herbert Moller, CH
Angelo Pallavicini, CH
Marco Vanoli, CH

Class Winners:
Group 4
A. Pallavicini
H. Moller
M. Vanoli
Porsche 934

Winners WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP FOR 1979  Category 4 Endurance Racing
A. Pallavicini
H. Moller
M. Vanoli
Lubrifilm Racing Team CH
Porsche 934

Fuchs Oil was a shareholder in the LUBRIFILM SAS Swiss company in 1979.

2. US Testing on Ametech Engine Restore Oil.

Here is an extract from a pre internet Pennsylvania University test on 3 truck engines for the US Dept of Transportation.  Hopefully it shows what we are after with RESTORE i.e. reduction of iron ppm proving extension of useable engine life.

Truck Engine #1  - 1994 IHC 9400 Series - Series 60 Detroit Diesel - 425 HP - 100,000 miles

.....after treatment with RESTORE, iron reduced from 26 to 20 ppm. ...which is a 23% improvement in projected wear. ..which suggests a 29% increase in forecast useable remaining engine life (mileage). ...reduction in soot suggests that RESTORE is working to increase compression, and therefore combustion efficiency; thus reducing "blow-by" around the piston rings, which also improves oil and fuel consumption.

Truck Engine #2  - 1987 IHC 9370 - 3406B Caterpillar - 425 HP

.....after treatment with RESTORE, iron was reduced from 174 to 86 ppm ...which is a 51% improvement in wear ..which suggests a 100% increase in forecast useable remaining engine life (mileage) ...soot values lowered from 0.9%wt to 0.2%wt ...reduction in soot suggests that RESTORE is working to increase compression, and therefore combustion efficiency; thus reducing "blow-by" around the piston rings, which also improves oil and fuel consumption.

Truck Engine #3 -  Cummins 350 big cam

.....after treatment with RESTORE,  iron reduced by 38 to 23 ppm ...which is a 39% improvement in wear ..which suggests a 64% increase in forecast useable remaining engine life (mileage) ...reduction in soot suggests that RESTORE is working to increase compression, and therefore combustion efficiency; thus reducing "blow-by" around the piston rings, which also improves oil and fuel consumption.

Notes and assumptions: Data is analysed in terms of the decrease in the amount of wear in the engine after RESTORE has worked its' magic to repair the INSIDE wear surfaces of the engine.  This leads to an INCREASE in the forecast life of the engine from the new base point. i.e. 23% improvement in wear gives a 29% increase in remaining engine life  (100/77=1.29 or 29%) ppm = parts per million CSL - proprietary active molecular metallurgical  ingredients in RESTORE.  Basically these active metallic conditioning agents replicate actual metals  found in all engines. RESTORE is therefore not an oil treatment,  nor is it an oil additive - it is a metallic surface conditioner (molecular or nanotech) restorer. NOTE: Recommended optimum dosage:  ONE liter (+/-1qt) of RESTORE per diesel engine oil change  (average 10 gallons of oil), or 400ml for a small car engine. This dosage allows the maximum internal surface repair, between oil changes. As you see from the results, from the 3 engines, ALL oil analysis metallurgical values were IMPROVED during the RESTORE treatment period. Note: If the recommended dosage is EXCEEDED, significant improvements will NOT be noted and the metallurgical components (CSL) of the excess RESTORE may become apparent in Laboratory crankcase oil testing and may lead to possible false conclusions as to engine condition. If an engine is being treated with RESTORE, the oil testing laboratory should be informed so they can contact our chemists if they have any questions.  RESTORE(R) is not to be used in wet-clutch transaxles where the engine oil lubes the clutch plate, nor in 2-cycle engines where the lube oil mixes with the fuel and is burnt in the combustion process - if in doubt, ask your mechanic or oil stockist, or contact the Ametech factory.

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